Free Magic Spells for Luck

Free magic spells for luck are pretty popular, judging by my earlier page of good luck spells. But firstly, you should try to use a spell that is more targeted to what you are hoping to accomplish. Wanting to by lucky in love really means you need a love spell, for example.

Even so, we often just want some "luck" to bring us something unexpected in life, so that's where these magic spells for luck come in.

free magic spells for luck

Orange Orb of Luck

Not only will this spell bring you luck, it will make your home smell lovely. It uses the power of numerology and the lucky aspects of the 7.

  • A small orange
  • 7 fresh mint leaves
  • 7 whole cloves

Concentrate on bringing new luck into your life, and use the pointed end of each clove to "pin" a mint leave into the skin of the orange. Like an old-fashioned Christmas pomander, except with mint.

Set the finished orange on the altar, and repeat the following lines:

May the universe smile down on me,
May the Gods bring me fortune.
May the winds bring me change,
May the spirits bring me luck.

Let the orange charm sit on your altar table overnight, and then it can hang somewhere in your home where you will smell its aroma. Your spell will be complete in 7 days, but you can let the charm hang longer if you want to. Just watch that it doesn't start to spoil or smell weird. Your luck will be tainted if you have rotten fruit hanging around.

Book Spell for Luck

A free magic spell for luck designed for the literary lover.

  • A slip of paper similar to a bookmark
  • Your favorite book
  • Red pen or marker

If you don't have a copy of your truly fav book, just choose one that you really like. It has to be a book you own, not a loaned library copy.

In big bold letters, write "Bring Me Luck" on one side of the piece of paper. Tuck it into the book on page 7, with about half of the paper sticking out. Then turn the top half of the bookmark down into page 11. Hold the book close to your heart, and ask the universe to bring you some unexpected good luck.

Place the book somewhere safe, preferably a book shelf surrounded by other books. Watch out for signs of new luck starting right away.

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