Free Candle Magic Spells

Free candle magic spells are found all through this site, with most of them indexed on the main candle spells page. I already have a few candle spells for love around, so I thought I'd pick a different intention for this page.

free candle magic spells

Home Blessing Candle Spell

Let the bright warmth of your candles bring some added luck and happiness to your entire household.

  • 3 blue or purple candles
  • 3 sticks of incense in:
  • sandalwood
  • frankincense
  • rosemary
  • 3 copper pennies
  • A bell

The candles need to be large enough that a penny will fit in the candle holder under them. Set the candles up in a even triangle, and put one penny in each candle holder, under the candle.

Light one candle and say "Bring me hope", then light the sandalwood incense. Ring the bell.

Light the next candle and say "Bring me peace", then light the frankincense incense. Ring the bell.

Light the last candle and say "Bring me good fortune", and light the rosemary incense. Ring the bell one last time.

Set the incense burners within the candle triangle and let everything burn for at least an hour. An afternoon is better to really get the energy of the incense flowing in the house, but it isn't necessary. Snuff out the candles when you are done.

For more blessing spells, you can check out this other page.

Dream Seeing Spell

Use a candle to help awaken your inner psychic to bring intuitive dreams when you are sleeping.

  • 1 white candle
  • Small square of purple and/or silver fabric
  • Black marker
  • Large piece of amethyst

Use the marker to draw an eye on the candle, the fabric and also on the stone. Set everything on your altar and light the candle.

Set the stone on the fabric so the eye's are touching. Visualize an eye in your own forehead that can open to see into your dreams. Hold the material to your forehead, with the eye drawing against your skin.

Watch the candle, and say "open sight" repeatedly while you watch the candle flame. Put the fabric back on the table, and then let the candle burn out on its own. Once finished, you can take the piece of fabric and sleep with it under your pillow for psychic dreams.

There are also additional ideas on the other candle magick spells page, so feel free to keep browsing around.

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