Your First Spell

first spell for teens in witchcraft

Choosing your first spell when you've decided to try practicing witchcraft can be tough. A lot of people tend to get into spell casting because of some specific need in the first place, which already sets them up for that first spell. But jumping into something that is urgent in your life may not be the best way to cast your first spell.

Obviously, everyone is different but I always suggest something small and non-life-changing for their first attempt as spell casting. And considering this is a page in the kids & teen section, I'm presuming this is about the first spell for someone young.

So my suggestion for someone's first spell is a lunar blessing spell to cleanse and consecrate their tools. It can be a good place to practice the concentration and focus of ritual without putting too big a burden on you for "success".

Simple Lunar Blessing Spell

This spell should be done on the night of the full moon. If you don't really have any spell-working tools to bless, you can always use this spell to add a blessing to a piece of jewelry or even clothing. You'll need:

  • The item to bless
  • A piece of moonstone
  • Rainwater (or pure distilled water)
  • A white feather

On the night of the full moon, set a dish of water on the windowsill or outside so that the light of the moon falls on it. Let it sit for about an hour, soaking up the energy of the moon. Then take the bowl to your altar where you other materials are waiting.

Drop the moonstone in the water and repeat:

I bless this water by the light of the moon,
Make it pure, make it clean, make it blessed.

Then dip the tip of the feather into the water, and tap it to knock off any excess. Shake it lightly over the item to be blessed to that a light sprinkle of water falls on it. Say:

I bless this [item] by the light of the moon,
Make it pure, make it clean, make it blessed.

Leave your item on the altar for the rest of the night with the feather and the bowl of water. In the morning, pour the water out into the ground and bury the feather. Your item is now blessed and purified.

One note: because of the water in this spell, I don't recommend you use it to bless anything that might be damaged by moisture (like a book or Tarot cards).

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