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This is a new section I'm just putting together, so just a few pages so far. Though most people who discover Wicca and witchcraft are young adults, there are lots of older people who are following this path and now raising kids of their own. If you want to bring some witchcraft and spells into the family, here is the place to start.


It can be difficult to find good spells for kids, regardless of the specific age. They need to be simple, and with purposes that a child would actually want. Most kids aren't too interested in legal spells or spells to improve in business. But a fun pet blessing might do the trick. 

If you are looking for materials to teach kids about witchcraft, Wicca or other Pagan paths, I recommend a visit to Little Pagan Acorns for lots of free printables.


Once your kids are old enough to start performing their own rituals, you'll want to choose that perfect first spell. Having further information on teen Wicca can also be helpful, since everything is a little different from a teenaged perspective. Things like school tend to be more important to teens, so having appropriate spells can help.

I have a page of spells for teens, and you can browse my collection of books for Wiccan teens to see what other resources are out there for the teen and young adult crowd.

Anyway, stay tuned for several new pages coming in here soon.


Still working on more family spells. But if you are raising a Pagan family, you might want to find a Pagan or Wiccan baby name for your next child.

Another good way to get your whole family involved in Pagan traditions is to celebrate the 8 Sabbats each year. Recipes, crafts and activities can really add some witchy atmosphere to any family.

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