Faery Wicca

Faery Wicca tends to draw the more fanciful practitioners but it is a genuine Wiccan tradition. The key to Faery Wicca is the connection with Fey spirit folk, which can include fairies as well as elves, goblins gnomes, or any related type of being.

It can be a little tough to learn about Faery Wicca because it goes by a number of different names or spelling variations. Combinations of faery, fairy and faerie are all used for a magickal path involving the Fey. Simple enough, except for 2 paths that make things confusion.

The Radical Faeries are a loose group of spiritually-minded gay men, that isn't a Wiccan tradition at all. But the one that tends to be the most confusing is the Feri tradition that was founded in the 1960s by Cora and Victor Anderson. This path has nothing to do with the Fey, and focuses on sexual mysticism more than anything. Interested? I'll look into Feri another time.

So what is Faery Wicca?

Now that we've established what Faery Wicca isn't, let's see what it is. First of all, I'm sticking to the Faery spelling because I like it and that tends to be what people are looking for.

As a Wiccan tradition, it follows many of the usual basics of Wicca but with a very heavy influence of Celtic and Irish mythology worked in. Many related Deities are involved, as well as a lot of work with the Fey spirits themselves. Some have claimed that various Faery rituals or practices are tied to the ancient Tuatha de Danann people, but historically that may not be all that accurate.

Because the Fey are themselves quite elemental, there is a strong focus in Faery Wicca to work with the natural elements (air, earth, water and fire). Spells often involve creating a relationship with local fairy spirits, asking for help or just offering blessings. You need to take care though. They are known to be mischievous and aren't the "white light and rainbows" type of creatures that pop culture has made them out to be. Treat them with the proper respect before embarking on this type of magickal pathway.

There are several good books on the topic if you want to learn more about a Faery path:  

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