Easy Witchcraft Spells

easy witchcraft spells

It seems that you folks can't get enough easy witchcraft spells, so I am going to add a few more here. Just remember that a spell will give you results based on what you put into it. A really simple or easy spell may not have the power you want. Taking a little more time for a complicated spell can be worth the effort. That said, here we go.

Spice Up Your Wallet
This is a very easy witchcraft spell to help bring a little extra money into your life. You don't really need much for supplies, except a dollar bill and some ground cinnamon. You can use any type of paper money, not specifically a dollar. No coins though.

On a Thursday, rub a little cinnamon powder on your finger tip and make 5 separate smudges on your money. Tuck the bill into your purse or wallet where you normally keep money, and leave it there to attract new wealth. That's it.

Be a Love Magnet
Here is another easy witchcraft spell that will draw things to you, though in this case it's love. You'll need:

  • A small magnet
  • Ylang Ylang oil
  • Pink ribbon

Make sure you're using a magnet large enough to tie the ribbon around, so no little button magnets. Rub a little oil into the magnet and then tie ribbon around it with a sturdy knot. Carry it with you to bring some love into your life. Recharge it with more oil on Friday nights until you meet someone new.

Healing Candle Spell
Our last easy spell is for healing, and will require you to have 3 light blue candles. Carve your name (or the person you wish the spell to be for) into the wax of all three candles. Set them in holders and light them. Repeat the following:

Healing light,
Shine tonight,
The power I feel,
Be used to heal.

And concentrate on the illness or condition that you are looking to heal. Let the candles burn out on their own when you are done.

If you are looking for more easy spells, there are more pages to read through. Check out the spells for beginners page too.

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