Easy Magic Spells

Easy Magic Spells

Easy magic spells can be fun since they are usually quick and don't require a whole lot of planning. But if you don't take them seriously, they won't work. The energy behind a spell is your own focused will, and longer spells do make it easier to stay focused. An easy magic spell just means you have to concentrate more to give it the power it needs.

And aside from just your personal energy, each ingredient in a spell also adds more power to it. So an easy spell with just 2 things in it will not have the same strength as one with 8 (I'm generalizing here to make a point). Simple spells come in all shapes and sizes, and you are most likely going to find one to suit your current situation.

Here is a quick index of the spells in this section:

Find What is LostRomance OrigamiSprinkling of Protection
Happiness Candle SpellMelting Weight LossLove Struck Potpourri
Clear an Argument SpellYarrow Love CharmBury and Banish
Grow Some WealthSimple Health BlessingClassic Love Candle Spell
Two Halves Love SpellKnot Your TroublesConfidence Candle
Spice up your WalletBe a Love MagnetHealing Candle Spell
Hushed MomentWatch Your Step

And for the two most popular topics, there are separate pages for simple money spells and for easy love spells. So you can move on to those two pages if you are looking for that.

If you are a beginner to witchcraft and Wicca, there are a couple other pages on the Wiccan religion and some of the supplies you might need when you start casting some spells. Of course, just because you are looking for simple spells, doesn't mean you are a beginner. Even advanced witch's sometimes want just a quickie spell.

Perhaps it's really "quick" you're after, not just "easy". I have a new page of fast spells that can help when time is short. More of these to come soon.

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