Easy Love Spells

As long as you are committed to your magic, even easy love spells can help you find that special someone. That doesn't mean that two or three magic words and a candle are going to change your life though. Just remember that.

Aside from these easy love spells, there is a whole section of more love spells that you might want to take a look at. Don't limit yourself to just the simple ones.

easy love spells in witchcraft

Love Struck Potpourri

Now this one does require that you have a date already, so it may not help you to actually meet someone. If your prospective lover is going to be at your home, give this one a try. In a decorative bowl, mix up the following:

• Half a cup of dried rose petals
• Half a cup of dried lavender
• Pieces of a real vanilla bean
• One tonka bean

You can omit the tonka bean if you can't find a convenient place to get them. Toss in a cinnamon stick instead. Mix it up the day before, and leave the bowl out when he or she is there.

easy love spells for anyone

Romance Origami

Ok, yet another one of my cutesy spell names. You don't actually have to fold the paper up into a swan or anything. A square is fine:

• A pinch of lavender
• A pinch of rosemary
• One piece of orris root
• A piece of stiff red paper

Lay out the paper, and put the herbs in the middle. Fold the paper over a few times to enclose the herbs and make a little "envelope". Seal it shut with a piece of tape or string (don't staple or glue). Carry the little love charm around with you to draw in some romance.

Yarrow Love Charm

It doesn't get much easier than this. I already included this one in with the Wiccan love spells but it certainly qualifies for this page too. All you need is a sprig of yarrow.

You might need to try a florist's shop or herb supplier. It has to be a sprig or branch, NOT chopped or powdered herbs. You have to hang the sprig above your bed (a piece of string or ribbon will do). It has to hang around the middle, bedposts don't count. This is an age-old charm to bring new love.

Though love may be the most popular reason people look for easy free spells, it's definitely not the only reason. There are almost always simple spells that you can use for any possible situation in your life. Keep reading for more.

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