Druid Spells

Druid spells are not really a part of this ancient Celtic path, as it is more of a spiritual pursuit than a magickal one. But as I have found many people searching for Druid spells, I figured I should try to help out with a page.  

learning druid spellsWondering about Druid spells?

The Druids are part of the ancient Celtic culture, specifically the priestly or educated class. They were involved in many forms of worship, divination and leadership for the broader Celtic communities.

Very little is known about the specifics as their ways were not written down, or at least any written records no longer survive other than what other groups (Romans, Greeks) wrote about the Druids.

Many people are currently living a recreated Druid path (check out the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids), but spells aren't always a part of that. It's a path with strong ties to nature, meditation, the seasons, animals and the Earth itself.

While Druids perform many different kinds of rituals, spells aren't part of their belief system. If you want to get closer to the Earth, you can try some elemental spells, but that's the closest I can get without getting too fictional about Druids.

As I look further into Druid spells, I suspect that people may be searching for spells as part of a few popular fantasy games rather than real historical spells. So I can even oblige that with a few handy links:

So, there you have a quick introduction in Druids, and their lack of spells. I'll be doing more on Celtic witchcraft in the near future.

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