Do Witches Have Sacred Texts? 

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Q. Do witches have sacred texts?

A. Unlike most other mainstream religions, Wicca does not have a central holy book or book of scripture that we follow or revere. We do not have a 'Bible' in any true sense of the word. There have been many excellent books writtn on Wicca (or other branches of Paganism) that are commonly looked at as valuable resources, but these books are not holy by any means.

There is a book titled "The Witches' Bible", written by Janet and Stewart Farrar. This is not a Bible, but simply a thorough reference book. The closest thing we have to holy writings would be a few pieces of poetry and prose that have been written by prominent Wiccans over the years. Some examples are: The Wiccan Rede and The Charge of the Goddess.

These texts are also not holy in any way, and are generally seen as guidelines if anything.

It does seem strange to most people that we don't have a Bible or anything even close. But by not being bound up by doctrine, rules and vague instructions, we are able to cultivate our own personal relationship with the Divine without restrictions.

do witches have sacred texts

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