Coin Spells

Coin spells usually have to do with money and wealth, but the important power and symbolism in a coin can be harnessed in a variety of ways. There are many spells all over this site that use coins, so I thought I would bring them together in one page rather than reinvent the wheel and come up with new ones.

As the Tree Grows

Make a Fortune Candle

Desire Me Job Spell

Let Your Wealth Grow

Found Coin Love Spell

Five Finger Money Spell

Shimmering Silver Spell

Hoodoo Luck Charm

Financial Freeze Spell

Find a Friend Charm

Abundance Candle

Ok, I had no idea there were so many coin spells here. Well, now you can find them easier if you like working with coins as magickal tokens. If you were thinking about paper money or bills, that's for another page.


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