Charmed Spells

Charmed spells by episode

This is a continuation of the list of spells from episodes of Charmed, and shows all the Charmed spells used in seasons 5 through 8.

It's just a list by spell name, with the episode title in brackets. I hope to have a fuller list complied later with all the spell texts as well. And hopefully I don't need to remind you that these are "made-up" spells for television, and not real.

Season 5

• To find a mermaid (A Witch's Tail, pt 1)
• To summon the Sea Hag (A Witch's Tail, pt 1)
• Fearless spell (A Witch's Tail, pt 2)
• To open one's heart (A Witch's Tail, pt 2)
• To vanquish skeletal beings (A Witch's Tail, pt 2)
• To trap someone in a mirror (Happily Ever After)
• To revive one from a poisoned slumber (Happily Ever After)
• To summon a Siren (Siren Song)
• To call on our ancestors (The Eyes Have It)
• To destroy a lower level demon (Sympathy for the Demon)
• Concealing spell (A Witch in Time)
• Power protection spell (A Witch in Time)
• To reveal the invisible (A Witch in Time)
• To induce slumber (A Witch in Time)
• To reverse molecular immobilization (A Witch in Time)
• To teleport an object (A Witch in Time)
• Fireball spell (A Witch in Time)
• Petrification spell (A Witch in Time)
• To see what someone has been scrying for (Y Tu Mummy Tambien)
• Mummifying spell (Y Tu Mummy Tambien)
• Possession spell (Y Tu Mummy Tambien)
• De-mummifying spell (Y Tu Mummy Tambien)
• To drive away a soul (Y Tu Mummy Tambien)
• To remove Phoebe's powers (The Importance of Being Phoebe)
• The Woogyman spell (The Importance of Being Phoebe)
• To turn into an Avatar (Centennial Charmed)
• To alter the past (Centennial Charmed)
• Purifying spell (House Call)
• To summon a witch doctor (House Call)
• To undo the vanishing spell (House Call)
• Sleep spell (Sand Francisco Dreaming)
• Return to sender spell (The Day the Magic Died)
• To vanquish a demon with unicorn horn (The Day the Magic Died)
• To repair damage (Lucky Charmed)
• To find good luck (Lucky Charmed)
• To light up a rainbow (Lucky Charmed)
• To grant good luck (Lucky Charmed)
• To relive memories (Cat House)
• To turn a demon into a tree (Nymphs Just Want to Have Fun)
• To summon a creeper demon (Necromancing the Stone)
• To summon the Halliwell matriarchs (Necromancing the Stone)
• To free the Titans (Oh My Goddess pt 1)
• to release the Greek Goddesses (Oh My Goddess pt 2)

Season 6

• Trok vanquishing spell (Valhalley of the Dolls pt 1)
• Memory spell (Valhalley of the Dolls pt 1)
• To reverse a curse (Valhalley of the Dolls pt 2)
• To reverse the memory spell (Valhalley of the Dolls pt 2)
• To reveal Piper's emotions (Valhalley of the Dolls pt 2)
• Bowl divination spell (Power of the Three Blondes)
• Identity theft spell (Power of the Three Blondes)
• Orb theft spell (Power of the Three Blondes)
• To call for a spirit (Love's a Witch)
• To find the place of injury (Love's a Witch)
• To block the power of empathy (Love's a Witch)
• To summon Zahn (Soul Survivor)
• Power theft spell (Sword and the City)
• Invincibility spell (Little Monsters)
• To summon the Book of Shadows (Chris-Crossed)
• To go back in time (Chris-Crossed)
• To call for your powers lost in battle (Chris-Crossed)
• Seduction spell (Witchstock)
• To pacify an enemy's stave (Witchstock)
• To make one peaceful (Witchstock)
• To vanquish a warlock (Witchstock)
• To vanquish the slime demon (Witchstock)
• To conjure the perfect man (Prince Charmed)
• To create birthday decorations (Prince Charmed)
• To vanquish the Order (Prince Charmed)
• Aura cleanse (Used Karma)
• Karma cleanse (Used Karma)
• Chakra cleanse (Used Karma)
• To vanquish the Swarm king (Used Karma)
• To vanquish the Headless Horseman (Legend of Sleepy Halliwell)
• To call for your sister's spirit (Courtship of Wyatt's Father)
• To turn into a teenager (Hyde School Reunion)
• To revive the past (Hyde School Reunion)
• Turn a woman into a dog (Hyde School Reunion)
• To create an illusory fire (Hyde School Reunion)
• To make one hear their greatest fears (Hyde School Reunion)
• To change someone's appearance (Hyde School Reunion)
• To reverse the spell of the Wicked Witch of the Forest (Spin City)
• To turn flowers into fire (Crimes and Witch-Demeanors)
• To conjure Mr. Right (Wrong Day's Journey into Right)
• Age acceleration spell (Wrong Day's Journey into Right)
• To activate the Ronyx crystal (Witch Wars)
• To open the portal to the parallel world (It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World pt 1)
• To infuse an athame with power (It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World pt 1)
• The power of four spell (It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World pt 1)
• To cause happiness (It's a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad World pt 2)

Season 7

• To remove Gods from mortals (A Call to Arms)
• To summon Lord Dyson (Bare Witch Project)
• To summon Lady Godiva (Bare Witch Project)
• To send Lady Godiva and Lord Dyson back (Bare Witch Project)
• To resolve sibling rivalry (Cheaper by the Coven)
• To reverse the sibling rivalry spell (Cheaper by the Coven)
• To freeze someone (Cheaper by the Coven)
• To call forth the fountain of youth (Charrrrmed!)
• To see guardian angels (Someone to Witch Over Me)
• To free Zankou (Witchness Protection)
• To switch powers (Ordinary Witches)
• To invoke the inner demon (Carpe Demon)
• To summon a sorcerer (Carpe Demon)
• To vanquish a sorcerer (Carpe Demon)
• To go to the moment where souls become lost (Show Ghouls)
• To escape the ordinary (Show Ghouls)
• To summon the nexus (Scry Hard)
• To trade souls (Freaky Phoebe)
• To vanquish Imara (Freaky Phoebe)
• To call future Wyatt (Imaginary Fiends)
• To remove a curse (Imaginary Fiends)
• To send away future Wyatt (Imaginary Fiends)
• To turn someone into an animal (Something Wicca This Way Goes)
• To rebond with the Book of Shadows (Something Wicca This Way Goes)
• To banish a suxen (Something Wicca This Way Goes)

Season 8

• To change one's appearance (Still Charmed and Kicking)
• To summon the source (Desperate Housewitches)
• To make a lover's dream come true (Desperate Housewitches)
• To vanquish Antosis (Desperate Housewitches)
• To restore one's appearance (Desperate Housewitches)
• Sleep spell (Desperate Housewitches)
• To erase painful memories (Kill Billie Vol 1)
• To summon Billie (Battle of the Hexes)
• To remove the Golden Belt of Gaea (Battle of the Hexes)
• To hide someone from the Angel of Death (Vaya Con Leos)
• To summon the Angel of Destiny (Vaya Con Leos)
• To make a teddy bear talk (Payback's a Witch)
• To exchange bodies (Repo Manor)
• To banish a demon to the astral plane (Generation Hex)
• To find a demon in hiding (The Torn Identity)
• To reveal the unseen (Gone with the Witches)
• Spell to summon the Hollow (Kill Billie Vol 2)
• To return the Hollow (Forever Charmed)

And you can also go back to the first half of this list, to see the first 4 seasons of Charmed spells.

If you're interested in all these spells, I have some comments on whether or not spells from Charmed work.

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