Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

This is the very classic Celtic Cross Tarot spread, which is actually a tough layout to learn due to the many cards and somewhat obscure meanings of the positions. Beginners may do better with the Past, Present, Future or the Elemental spreads. 

Anyway, here is the layout and what each location means:

celtic cross tarot spreadCeltic Cross Tarot spread

1. Basis (laid down first, before card 2) - The overall tone or idea that the reading is trying to show you. 

2. Crosses - The main or fundamental obstacle in this situation.

3. Conscious - Your known feelings about this, how you're seeing the situation on face value.  Read together with card 4.

4. Subconscious - Your true (and possibly hidden) feelings about the situation. You need to face these feelings!

5. Future - Something that is going to happen involving this situation, in the near future. It's important so watch for it. 

6. Past - Recent events that are going to have an impact on your current issue, and should be looked at when making choices.

7. Querent (you)- Your general attitude towards the whole situation.

8. Environment - Your surroundings, possibly friends, family, or work relationships. The people around you that can impact this situation. 

9. Hopes/Fears - What you are truly hoping for, or are afraid of. It may not be what you think. 

10. Outcome - How the situation will finally play out.


This is definitely not a spread to use for simple yes/no questions. It will make you look at your past and present, as well as various aspects of yourself during this reading. Best for complex situations that are very important and wide-spread in your life.

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