Candle Spells

Nothing beats the power of candle spells and most people love to work with the flickering flame of a candle when they're doing a spell or ritual.

I'm putting together a larger collection of just candle spells here, and they cover a range of purposes and intentions. They just all contain candle magick. 

witchcraft candle spellsAll of our candle spells in one place
Some spells specifically in this section:

The Light of Joy A New StartDream Seeing
Home Blessing Spell Red Triad Love SpellMend the Rift
Financial FlameBurn Away the NegativeFlames of Progress
Light of Three

But I also have a number of other candle spells scattered around in other parts of the site as well:

Candle Melding Love Spell Return to Me Spell
Confidence CandleHappiness Candle Spell
Clear an Argument Spell Abundance Candle Spell
Birds of a Feather

And when you are starting off with some candle spells, you should know a thing or two about choosing the right spell candles too. Sure, candles are pretty much all the same but a few choices can make your spells work better for you in the long run.

So if you're looking to practice more candle magick, come back to this page soon for more spells and candle ritual ideas.

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