Books for Wiccan Teens

As I develop my collection of pages for family, kids and teens, I figured the best way to provide information for my teenaged readers would be to help them find a book or two.

These books for Wiccan teens will cover all the ins and outs of Wicca and witchcraft specifically for teenagers.

Though the basic ideas of Wicca and witchcraft are the same no matter what your age, there are some topics that are geared towards teens. Like finding relevant spells for this point in your life and how to deal with this non-mainstream path when it comes to parents, teachers and other family.

I do have one page of spells for teens, but these other authors have done a pretty good job if you want an entire book.

I will be adding additional titles as I find them. There were fewer books for Wiccan teens than I thought.

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