May 1st

Spring has passed and summer is getting started. Abundance and growth is everywhere at this time of year. It's no wonder that it's a holiday of fertility, growth and happiness. More time is spent outdoors now, both during farm work and just recreation.

The Goddess is now growing out of her Maiden aspect and entering the time of the Mother. Of course, she needs to consummate her relationship with the Horned God first, and that takes place now at Beltane.

The sexual overtones of the holiday were particularly frowned upon by the church, which is the main reason why this day is so often associated with witchcraft. They went out of their way to discredit and demonize the traditional activities and attitudes.

Beltane doesn't mark any specific seasonal events, but it's basically a day to just celebrate life, love and sexuality.

Other names: May Day, Walpurgis Night, Roodmas

Traditions and activities: Dancing ribbons around a May Pole, outdoor bonfires, dancing, sex, braiding flower chains, jumping bonfires, picking wildflowers, fairy magick

Correspondences: vanilla, rose, lilac, butterflies, jasmine, red, deep green

Foods served: mead, strawberries, anything with honey, fresh baked bread, May wine (with woodruff and strawberries)

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