Beauty Spells

Beauty spells can not truly change your appearance, but rather how others (and yourself) perceive you. A simple spell cannot change the shape of your nose, or the size of your breasts. And this goes for spells for eye color change too.

Now, if your idea of beauty will only come with losing weight, you should try the page on weight loss spells instead of these general beauty spells.

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Beauty Within and Without

Already featured on the free witch spells page, this bath will help you feel more beautiful and shine that confidence. You will need:

• 1/2 cup raspberry leaves
• 1/2 cup marigold (calendula) petals
• Three yellow candles
• A teacup with flowers on it

Stir together the dried leaves and petals, then use half in a hot bath and half to make a small pot of tea. Strain the herbs out of your tea, and pour yourself a cup. Add a little honey if you want.

Light all three candles near your bathtub, and get in the bath. Soak while you drink your tea. Focus on the energy of the spell both inside of you, and surrounding you in the bath water. Repeat the following words:

Beauty within
Beauty without
I am fabulous
Without a doubt

Continue to soak in the bath until the water is noticeably cooled off. Before you leave the tub, you must finish the entire cup of tea.

You will be more confident in your looks, and others will see you as more attractive.

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See Yourself Beautiful

Charge your reflection to show a more beautiful you. Your supplies for this beauty spell are:

• 1 glass of water
• A pinch or two of salt
• 2 pink candles
• Round, flat mirror
• Handful of rose petals (any color)

Set up a place to do your spell, preferably someplace that is usually quiet. Place your mirror flat on your altar or table, facing up, with a candle on either side. Add the salt to the water, and place the glass in the middle of the mirror. Light the candles and repeat the following:

When I see me
What do I see?
When you see me
What do you see?
Sprinkle the rose petals around the base of the glass, covering all the mirror surface. Visualize that people will start to see you differently, and that your image to others will be more beautiful, just like how your reflection is covered in rose petals.

Let the candles burn right down on their own, but make sure they aren't too close to the petals or something might catch fire. That's never good.

We all know that beauty is only skin-deep, and if you are more interested on working some magick on your "inner-you", you can try one of the happiness spells for a little more joy.

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