Our New Spells App 2.0

Well, so many people have complained about the discontinued spells app, that I've rebuilt it and it's now available. 

This is just a bare-bones app to help you access the site more easily from a mobile device. It doesn't have a bunch of fancy features or functions.

There are a handful of buttons to help you quickly find the important pages on the site, including our home page, an updated list of what's new, and the most popular spell categories.

You can also click to find us on social media. You want to follow us, right?

Updates may come in the future as I tweak the format, and you will be prompted automatically when it needs to be updated. No push notifications. Just a notice to update when you open the app. I may also post notices that show up as "messages". 

Screenshot of the new witchcraft spells app

The app is available at a 3rd party marketplace, and is perfectly stable to download. You may have to adjust your security settings because it's not considered a "known" site. It's fine. Trust me. 

It may ask about permissions. The warning is a standard one, and this app does NOT access anything in your phone or tablet. It's just links. 

Download the Free Spells App

It is available for Android only. Click on the Android Native button to download and install. If you try to install on an iphone, it will give you errors. Android only. Stop emailing me from your iphones to tell me the app doesn't work. 

For other devices, you can click on the HTML5 button and bookmark that page. It works just like the app even though it's just a web page. 

If you used our earlier app, this is all basically the same. I've updated a few things and changed the design to match the upcoming new look of the site.