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Want to promote your Pagan or Wiccan business to thousands of interested people each month? The Free Witchcraft Spells page reaches approximately 12,000 unique visitors each month, and this is a chance to reach a specifically Pagan-oriented audience. On average, each person sees around 5 pages of the site, so that adds up to a lot of exposure.

We are currently offering 2 ad slots, paid as a flat $50 per month.

I don't guarantee clicks, views or visits but I will provide a statistics report for the site so you can see my traffic levels for yourself before you sign up for an ad.

Each slot will be in the right-hand column on every page of the site. Where you see the current "advertise with us" graphics are the locations. As mentioned, there are just 2 ads open right now but future locations may be offered if there is demand for it.

As an advertiser, you need to provide a 125x125 graphic (no moving animations), and an URL that the ad will direct to. Ads need to be on topic and relevant to the site, and I do reserve the right to deny any ads for whatever reason.

Ads are paid monthly via Paypal. If you choose to place an ad, I expect to receive payment and ad graphics within 3 days.

Email us at: for details or to sign up for an ad space. Please don't send Paypal funds directly to this account though. There is another address for that.

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