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Witchcraft Weekly #32
January 25, 2013

Don't forget, there is a full moon tomorrow night! It might be too cold to enjoy the moon outdoors this month, but at least take a peek through the window.

What's New
In honor of the full moon, I've added another page with full moon spells. Well, there is just one, but it's a great multi-purpose wish spell that can be used in many different situations. You can also check out my older love spells for the full moon.

Spell this Week
I'd even forgotten about this page of sleeping spells. Here is a spell to help you get a better night's sleep. You need:

• One white candle
• pieces of blue lace agate
• pieces of amethyst
• A small cloth bag in light blue
• Dried lavender buds

Get ready for bed in your usual way, then set your items out on your altar. Light the candle. Watch the flame for a few minutes then take the stones in your hands. Close your eyes and let yourself relax. Take long deep breaths, counting slowly to 4 with each inhalation and then to 4 again with each exhale. Continue for several minutes until you feel all your stresses leaving you. Put the crystals in the bag along with a few pinches of lavender, and place it near your bed. Go to bed and let yourself fall asleep.

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