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Witchcraft Weekly #28
December 14, 2012

What's New
Still adding new material and hopefully a lot more in the coming weeks over the holidays as I get a little time off. This week's latest page is on transformation spells which can be helpful this time of year when we look ahead to make some changes in our lives.

Weekly Spell
This week we're showcasing a Clear an Argument spell, that can be helpful during this time of year when we always seem to spend more time with friends and family. It can be handy to smooth over any tensions.

• One bay leaf, dry is fine
• A small paper envelope
• Yellow candle

Write your name on one side of the envelope, and your friend or relative's name on the other. Put the bay leaf inside and seal it. Light the candle and hold the envelope in the flame until it burns. You might want to keep a heat-proof bowl nearby to drop the burning paper into, to save your fingers.

Yule Stuff
Last week it was Yule recipes, so now here are some ideas for rituals you can use for the coming solstice. All of these sites have several rituals, so make sure to click around and find the perfect one for you this year.

Some Yule rituals from:

Come Follow Us
Aside from this newsletter, there are other ways of keeping up with what's new on spells. We have pages on:

And of course, the main website is Free Witchcraft Spells.

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