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Witchcraft Weekly #27
December 07, 2012

Newsletter issue #26

Happy almost Yule! Make sure to keep reading down for some holiday goodies.

What's New
Yep, a few new pages to announce.

The new page on casting love spells has tips and suggestions for making your romantic spells more successful.

As the year draws to a close, I've updated the list of full moon dates for 2013 so you can try to time your spells for the most power. Or even just remember to go outside and enjoy a little bright lunar light. It's a great time to cleanse tools or crystals.

Oh, and with the holidays approaching, I've been adding some new items to the supply shop so you can do some witchy shopping for those items you can never find. I've added a few new herbs, oils, incense and jewelry pieces. More to come in the next few days.

Weekly Spell
Not really including any spells this week but you can get some ideas when writing your own rituals with this page of chants. Just a handful of verses for love, sleep, health and money spells that you can add into your own spell work.

Yule Stuff
Everyone seemed to enjoy my Samhain stuff back in October so here are a few Yule-related tidbits to get you in the holiday spirit. Next week I'll add some links to Yule rituals but these recipes can get you started.

Some Yule recipes from:

The Pythorium

Come Follow Us
Aside from this newsletter, there are other ways of keeping up with what's new on spells. We have pages on:

And of course, the main website is Free Witchcraft Spells.

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