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Witchcraft Weekly #021
October 12, 2012

Gearing up for Samhain, so I'm going to include some new sections for the next 3 newsletters. This week will focus on some Samhain crafts, next week will have some rituals and the last week before the Sabbat will be about some Samhain foods.

Weekly Spell
This is my handy Lavender Wish Spell that you can use for all sorts of different purposes. Use for love, money or whatever suits your fancy. All you need is:

• Lavender candle
• Lavender oil (or use a scented candle)
• Seven small pieces of white paper

This spell takes 7 days, so you'll have to be patient with it. Before you begin, mark the candle into 7 roughly equal sections so you know how much to burn each night without having the candle get used up too early.

Anoint the candle if you are using oil, and set it up someplace where it won't be disturbed. Write your wish on one of the pieces of paper and light the candle. Repeat your wish out loud, then burn the paper in the candle flame. Let it burn down to your first mark, then snuff it out. Do this again each night until all 7 days have passed.

Spell Stuff
Back to some herbal basics this week with a few notes on fennel.

If you have the opportunity to gather wild fennel, Midsummer's Eve is the best time for it. The main magickal use for fennel (the seeds) is protection and the banishing of negative energy, but it can also be used for cleansing and purification.

In the old days, consuming fennel seeds was considered a way to lose weight. There is no scientific basis for this but you may want to include fennel seeds in any rituals for this purpose. It was also reputed to be a wonder for healing eye problems.

Samhain Crafts
Well, I found a lot fewer Pagan craft sites than I expected so many of these are a little more mainstream Halloween ideas. Still, you can use any of these crafts to add some Samhain spirit to your home.

Samhain Terrarium Jar
Pumpkin Candles
Bat o Lanterns
And a whole collection of great ideas

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