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Witchcraft Weekly #020
October 05, 2012

Getting ready for Samhain yet? Watch for some Halloween-themed newsletters coming this month.

New Pages
Our companion page for the Wiccan Gods page is now up. You can continue to read a little more on the Wiccan Goddesses as well. Can't have one without the other, right?

Weekly Spell
Find that people are talking about you more than you'd like and they're not saying anything good? My Free Witch Spells page has a short spell to help people to keep their gossipy mouths shut.

Your supplies for this spell are:

• A square piece of white cloth, around 4 inches across
• Markers or paint
• Heavy black thread
• Sewing needle
• White candle

Turn off the lights and light the candle. You need to do this spell by candlelight only. Use a marker to draw a face on the cloth. Try to make it somewhat resemble the person but you don't have to be an artist. Write their name under the face.

Then use the thread to stitch over the drawn mouth. You don't have to actually cut it to make a hole before you sew, just stitch through the fabric along the line you drew for the mouth. While you sew, say these words out loud:

Mouth be closed, do not speak
No more trouble will you wreak
When sweeter words become your way
Then you can have your say

Feel free to snuff out the candle when you are done sewing, but leave the sewn face out where you can see it each day until you feel the gossiping has stopped. The intention of this spell is to be directed at one person, but you could do a more general one with no name to help keep general gossip away.

Spell Stuff
Doing a little day-of-the-week instruction today. Each day has its own energy and you will have better luck with your spells if you can time them for the best day. Let's have a look at Mondays, shall we.

The name comes from "Moon's Day", and it's associated with all things lunar. That includes magick, divination, astral work, psychic skills and general spirituality. If you want to do any rituals that involve these matters, plan them for a Monday.

Come Follow Us
Aside from this newsletter, there are other ways of keeping up with what's new on spells. We have pages on:

And of course, the main website is Free Witchcraft Spells.


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