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Witchcraft Weekly #019
September 28, 2012

No intro. Just newsletter.

New Pages
Didn't get the Goddesses page worked out yet, but I do expect to have that added for next week. For now, here is a little-noticed page on how to bless your Book of Shadows. One of these rituals would work very nicely to consecrate that new journal you just got :)

Weekly Spell
This week's spell is from the elemental section on fire spells. Give yourself a magickal perk-up and shine with the energy of fire. Get your spell stuff together:

• Red candle
• Glass of red wine
• Cinnamon (powdered)

You can use non-alcoholic wine or even juice if you prefer, but the spell is stronger if you use the real stuff. Pour your wine into a nice glass, and add a small sprinkle of cinnamon to it. Dip your finger into the wine and give it a little stir.

Run your wet fingertip around the rim of the glass until you hear a ringing tone. Watch the candle flame and visualize it shining out from within yourself.

Drink the glass of wine and feel its warmth flow through you. Place the empty glass next to the candle, and let it burn down.

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