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Witchcraft Weekly #016
September 07, 2012

Schools back in session and hopefully the weather will start to cool off. Mayhaps it will actually rain again someday.

New Pages
I've decided to expand the site a little bit and add some material on Wicca rather than just spells alone. Don't worry, the focus is still on spells and spellwork rather than this spiritual aspect of going magick.

I'm just starting off and have just 2 pages added so far: the Wiccan Rede and a bit on the Wiccan Alphabet. More information is coming in the next couple of weeks, including a basic intro into Wicca.

Weekly Spell
Highlighting a spell from the site again this week. This is from the Beauty Spells page, and is a spell to make you more attractive both inside and out.

You will need:
• 1/2 cup raspberry leaves
• 1/2 cup marigold (calendula) petals
• Three yellow candles
• A teacup or mug with flowers on it

Stir together the dried leaves and petals, then use half of the mixture in a hot bath and the other half to make a small pot of tea. Strain the herbs out of your tea, and pour yourself a cup. Add a little honey if you want. It's not that unpleasant tasting on its own, but you can be the judge of that.

Light the candles somewhere near your bathtub, and get in. Soak while you drink your tea. Focus on the energy of the spell both inside of you, and surrounding you in the bath water. Repeat the following words:

Beauty within
Beauty without
I am fabulous
Without a doubt

Continue to soak in the bath until the water is starting to get cold. Before you leave the tub, you must finish the entire cup of tea.

You will be more confident in your looks, and others will see you as more attractive.

Spell Stuff
Back to some herbal basics this week. Let's look at rosemary. Just because you can buy it in the grocery store doesn't mean it's not a potent magickal herb.It's a good herb to have on hand. Scott Cunningham considers rosemary to be a suitable substitute for ANY herb used in magick.

Rosemary's strongest energy is protective, and can be used in a number of ways to eliminate negative energy and to protect the user. As an incense, rosemary is great for cleansing an area before casting circle. You can also use rosemary in love magick, or for rituals to improve your memory.

Dried rosemary in a dream pillow will keep away nightmares and bring pleasant dreams.

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