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Witchcraft Weekly #015
August 31, 2012

Summer holidays is just about over around here, and my daughter will be back at school next week. Does that mean I'll be more productive and get more spells written? We shall see.

Pagan and Wiccan Holidays
With Halloween (aka Samhain) not too far off on the horizon, I thought it was time to remind folks about this article on Pagan Holidays that list all 8 major Sabbats and what they all mean. Mabon is actually the next sacred day on the fall equinox, and then comes Samhain in October. Plan a proper witchy celebration or ritual for yourself, and see what each day represents in the great Wheel of the Year.

Weekly Spell
I figured I'd be generous this week and do up a special newsletter-only spell. Here is a little health spell to help you get over illnesses or to stay fit in the first place. You'll need 3 lengths of ribbon in green, gold and white.

This spell was originally intended to create a belt but I doubt you want to walk around wearing a ribbon belt, so adjust the lengths so that you can make a bracelet instead. You will also need a small sprig of dried gardenia or honeysuckle.

Tie the three ribbons together and start to braid them. At some point along the length, weave in your piece of dried herb. As you braid, repeat the following:

Green for health
Gold for wealth
White for purity

Envision each of the colors' energies blending together as you braid. Make it long enough to be worn as a bracelet, and tie off the ends in a knot. Make sure the bit of herb is fairly secure. Tie it on your wrist and wear for 7 days. After that leave it in a secure place or on your altar to keep you healthy.

Spell Stuff
I've done lots of herbs and crystals, so this week I wanted to share a little planetary info. How about Mars, our red neighbor? The planet Mars is associated with courage, healing, protection, ambition, lust and motivation. It's element is fire, and it is linked with Tuesday. If you want to invoke the power of Mars, perform rituals with herbs like pine, wormwood and Dragon's blood. Some related stones are bloodstone, garnet and red jasper.

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