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Witchcraft Weekly #013
August 17, 2012

Back on track, baby. Almost time to go back to school folks, are you ready?

What's New This Week
Yes, I did finally put a few new spells together for this week. So if you are looking to improve your financial situation, check out the page on easy money spells for 2 new rituals to bring added money, wealth and abundance into your life. Don't expect to be millionaires overnight, but you can help bring the right energy into the situation with one of these spells.

Weekly Spell
And if that's not enough, here is another new spell for you to add to your collection. Take advantage of the summer season with some fairy magick. This is a Fairy Bells Blessing. You need:

• a small silver bell
• rose oil
• one white candle

Rub oil on the candle and say out loud that you are going to ask the fairies for a blessing. Ring the little bell 3 times and say these words:

When the bell rings, my spirit sings
I call to the helpful fairies of light
To bless me with their magick tonight

Ring the bell again for 3 chimes and then repeat the words. Light the candle and then go to bed. Leave the candle burning all night. In the morning , ring the bell one more time and thank the fairies for their blessings.

Spell Stuff
Do you work with Gods and Goddesses in your spellwork? Knowing more about them can help you decide who to ask for help and how to relate to them when you do. Today, here is a look at Cerridwen.

Cerridwen was closely related to the Greek Goddess, Demeter, as a Goddess of fertility, and the harvest. She also represented renewal, transformation, change and rebirth. Cerridwen is most often considered to be a Crone, but in some ways she represents all three aspects of a triple Goddess.

As a white sow, she also is connected with the Moon. Cerridwen was also associated with divination, death and the underworld, in many ways like Hecate. Her primary symbol was her enchanted cauldron (called Amen), from which she could produce a brew of inspiration and wisdom.

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