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Witchcraft Weekly #012
August 11, 2012

Yes, I missed sending this yesterday. Launching a newsletter during summer vacation has not be a very smart idea. At least I didn't ditch it completely.

What's New This Week
If you are doing a further study of witchcraft beyond just casting spells, you can learn quite a bit by delving into history. Whether it's medieval witchcraft, 17th century witchcraft or the infamous Salem witch trials, there is a lot to learn by looking back to history.

Weekly Spell
It's all about the money today with a wealth-bringing bath spell.

Before your next job interview or bank meeting, perform this bath spell to help insure some new financial opportunities will open up for you. Your supplies are:

• Handful of sea salt
• 3 drops pine oil
• 3 drops cinnamon oil
• 3 drops basil oil
• A few pinches of dried patchouli
• A small bottle with water-tight lid

Add the sea salt, essential oils and patchouli herb to a warm bath and have a soak in it (for at least 15 minutes, but longer is better). Focus on how the money you may be getting will improve your life. Think about how you want this situation to play out. When the bath is over, save some of the water in the bottle. Carry it with you to your interview in a pocket or purse.

Around the Web
I figured we're due for another instalment of Pagan stuff around the web. Here are some news stories and article from other sites that may be of interest.

About Pagan/Wiccan: 10 things to take to a Pagan Festival
HuffingtonPost Religion: Christians Fearing Pagans (humor)
Wild Hunt: A Pagan's view on the Missouri Right-to-Pray amendment

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