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Witchcraft Weekly #008
July 13, 2012

Anybody else spend yesterday at the beach?

What's New This Week
Just a quick heads-up that Mercury is going retrograde this weekend, so look out for unexpected arguments and misunderstandings.

Interested in different types of witchcraft? I have a new section that is still underway that looks at many different cultures and variations on the witchcraft theme. 3 section so far: African, Scottish and Italian. Check it out for a different viewpoint on witchery.

Weekly Spell
I thought I'd go elemental this week, and introduce one of the Earth spells on the site. In particular, here is the Fertility Egg Spell.

A little spellwork can help in your quest to get pregnant, but don't be foolish and ignore any possible medical issues. Your supplies for this earth spell are just:

• A raw egg, whole
• A whole vanilla bean
• Pencil

Write the symbols shown in the graphic on a raw egg. They're in Theban script, and translate to the word "ripe". Go outside and dig a hole in your yard, and bury the egg together with the vanilla bean. Make sure it's deep enough that an animal won't dig it up. A large rock on top might be a good idea if you think digging could be an issue. If you don't have a yard at your disposal, use a large flower pot filled with natural earth in the house instead.

This spell works best if you bury the egg during a waxing moon (the phase when the moon gets larger), though you don't actually have to do the spell at night. Each night afterwards though, you have to go outside and water the spot so your spell can "grow".

Spell Stuff
Considering the state of my garden these days, this is an appropriate herbal lesson for today: Nettle

The best known species of nettle in North America is the stinging nettle, which has fine hairs that contain an acid solution. When you brush against the plant, these hairs break or get under your skin causing burning and irritation. Heating or boiling the leaves eliminates the acid and makes nettles safe for use.

There are several different species of nettle, all of which can be used in magick. Stinging nettle is usually what is found in herbal or magick stores.

Nettle is a protective herb that will help repel negative energy. The dried herb works well to protect your home and can also be carried in a charm bag when you are out. The capacity of fresh nettle to cause burning under the skin has brought about the association with passion and lust. I wouldn't recommend actually using fresh nettle for any love magick though. Ouch!

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