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Witchcraft Weekly #007
July 06, 2012

This is an abbreviated newsletter this week, and the next couple might be short too. It's summer holidays and things are getting a little crazy. I'm sure you're busy too, so I'll keep these short and sweet.

What's New This Week
I'm currently working on a new poster store for the site so you can get some witchy artwork to jazz up your altar areas. It's still underway so nothing to show for my efforts just yet.

So I'll just point you to the Full Moon Calendar that's on the site where you can check for the next full moon date. Which is August 1st, by the way.

Weekly Spell
Can't remember what the spell was last week so I have no idea if this is a change or not. Such is life. This is a recipe for reversing vinegar, and it's on the main site on the page for Reversing Spells. Use this to block out negative energy or to reverse a spell that has been cast on you.

This spell is a little smelly, so its best done at night when you're not going right out again. You will need:

• Pure white vinegar
• About a teaspoon of dry fennel seed
• A small white dish
• A piece of jet or onyx

The day before you plan on doing this spell, pour an ounce or two of vinegar into the little dish and add the fennel. Let this sit untouched until the next day.

On the next night, dip your fingers in and dab a little bit on each wrist, your throat and on your forehead. Just a little on the forehead because you don't want vinegar dripping in your eyes. That would hurt. Sit with your eyes closed, and visualize white energy pushing out from your body at this anointed points and forcing the negative magick back towards whoever sent it. Force it away from you. When you are done, place the stone in the bowl with the remaining vinegar mix, and leave it for 5 days. After that, pour the vinegar away into the ground.

Come Follow Us
Aside from this newsletter, there are other ways of keeping up with what's new on spells. We have pages on:

And of course, the main website is Free Witchcraft Spells.


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