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Witchcraft Weekly #006
June 29, 2012

Woohoo. School's out! As a mom to a 7-year old, this is very important. You may not care. Either way, happy summer!

What's New This Week
Daughter is finishing school this week, which I just said. And that means I'll have more time to get back to spell-writing for some new material. Our highlighted feature this week is a great intro on your Book of Shadows. Are you confused about this important tool, or just have a few questions about how to start one? Well I have put together some details on your BoS and how you can go about writing yours.

Weekly Spell
With so much love going the past week (see last newsletter), I thought we'd go another direction for some money spells. This is the Let Your Wealth Grow spell, from the Simple Money Spells page. Your supplies for this spell are:

• A live plant (basil is powerful if you have it)
• A shiny silver coin
• A pinch or two of dried patchouli

Don't do this spell with a half-dead plant either. It should be living well and thriving. Sprinkle a little patchouli on the dirt in the pot, and push the edge of the silver coin down into the dirt in the same spot where you put the patchouli. You don't have to bury the coin all the way in. Whenever some extra money comes your way, take the coin out of the pot and spend it. Replace it with a new coin to keep the spell going. Also care for the plant as well. If it starts to sicken, the spell will end.

Spell Stuff - Chamomile
Let's continue celebrating summer with more herbal lore. Today its all about chamomile.

There are two different kinds of chamomile (Roman chamomile and German chamomile). They are really different species but are considered to be alike in their magickal properties because people have associated them together for so long. Dried flowers are most often the ingredient in spells, and they smell lovely. The main use for chamomile is in rituals or teas for relaxation, calm, healing and peace. It can also be used in some types of love or abundance magick. Keep in mind that if you burn chamomile as an incense, it won't have the same smell as the dried flowers do.

A few chamomile flowers in your wallet can help attract unexpected money into your life. A handful of flowers in your next bath will create a peaceful soak that could be used for pre-ritual cleansing or anytime you need a mental soother. If you don't like herbs floating around in the water, use a cloth pouch or a tea ball for easier removal of the dried bits. An herbal dream pilllow filled with chamomile can help induce a more restful night's sleep and alleviate nightmares.

A word from our sponsor
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And of course, our main website is Free Witchcraft Spells.


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