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Witchcraft Weekly #005
June 22, 2012

So did you have a great Solstice? Hope you were outside enjoying the longest (and possibly hottest) day of the year.

What's New This Week
No new spells this week, but did you know there were some good tips on how to make spells for yourself? If you're not familiar with creating your own spells, that's something you really should read through.

Weekly Spell
Well, it's summer out and you're going to want to stay in swimsuit shape. Ok, that's a little superficial of me, but so what. The highlighted spell this week is the refrigerator binding that is on the Free Weight Loss Spells page of the main site. Help reduce your food cravings and improve your willpower when it comes to food.

Your supplies for this spell are:

• A piece of black string, ribbon or yarn that is several feet long
• One black candle

Light the candle while you think about improving your willpower and whatever your motivation is for wanting to lose some weight. Think about those things while you tie knots in your string. There should be one knot about every 4 to 5 inches. Unlike other knot spells, you don't need to repeat any words or actions with each knot. Just keep your mind on your goal while you do it.

Once it's all knotted up, take the string to your refrigerator and wrap it around the door handle a few times and knot it tightly. While you do this, repeat the following:

I bind you cravings, to stay away
I bind you cravings, to stay away
I bind you cravings, to stay away
I am stronger than you today

Leave the candle somewhere safe to burn out. Then every time to go to the fridge, let the yarn remind you of your goal. If you find you tend to snack more from the cupboard than the fridge, you can cast this spell with a cupboard door instead.

Spell Stuff
Last week I talked about an herb (I think?) so this week I'll toss in some crystal info for you.

Malachite is a deep green stone that is opaque, and usually marked by striking stripes or layers of color. It's one of my personal favorites because it is so deeply colored. You use it in spellwork for money, finances, success, new business and overall protection. Old-style charms sometimes use malachite to ward off the dreaded "evil eye". It is sometimes helpful to keep away nightmares too.

News Around the Web
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