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Witchcraft Weekly #004
June 15, 2012

It's been a whole month since I started writing these. How time flies.

What's New This Week
No new spells this week, but a little article has been added on whether or not love spells really work. It's a question I get a lot though it kind of applies to any type of spell. Of course, if you don't believe in the power of spellwork, you're not going to be visiting my website anyway. Still, if you are wondering about how well love spells work then have a read about my thoughts on the matter.

Weekly Spell
Since we're already on a love theme, why not keep it going? My highlighted spell for this week is the Triple Knot Love Spell, which you can find on the main site on the Free Powerful Love Spells page.

• A length of red ribbon around 2 feet long
• Patchouli oil
• Ylang ylang oil

You can use string or yarn if you don't have ribbon. Thread is a little too flimsy for it. Put one or two drops of these oils into the palms of your hands, and rub them gently together. Run your fingers along the length of the ribbon to lightly cover it with the oil blend. Repeat one line of the spell as you are tying each knot:

With knot of one, my love will come
With knot of two, it shall be true
With knot of three, so mote it be

There are going to be 3 knots in your ribbon, so try to space them out evenly along the length. Simple overhand knots are fine for this.

Drape the knotted ribbon around a bed post, bedside lamp or the doorknob. Don't tie it though, you don't want any extra knots in there to confuse the nature of the spell.

Spell Stuff
With so many lovely wild flowers and plants coming up, I figured it was time for a look at a little herbal magick. I think patchouli is a good one for this week, continuing our theme.

It's used in magick for passion, lust, sensuality and fertility. You can't mistake the deep musty smell of patchouli, which can be a bit of downside when using it in any charms you have to carry around. It smells a lot like wet dirt to be honest, though I personally love it. Some traditions (Vodou and Santeria) use it as a ritual substitute for true graveyard dirt.

News Around the Web
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