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Witchcraft Weekly #003
June 08, 2012

I'm already running out of nifty introductory things to say. Hope you enjoy issue #3.

What's New This Week
Ever have trouble falling asleep? Now that summer is nearly upon us, you are probably a little less stressed than usual. Even so, whenever you have trouble getting a good night's rest, a little spell can help. I've added a new page of sleeping spells that includes a good ritual for relaxing and a recipe for an herbal tea that will also get you ready for some shut eye.

Another bit of news is that we have opened up a page on Pinterest. It's under the name Pythia (my personal Craft name), has a bunch of cool Pagan and witchy pics. Just getting started so it's not huge yet. Give us a follow anyway.

Weekly Spell
I've been promising a newsletter-only spell for the past 2 weeks, so I suppose its time to actually do it. This is an exclusive spell that is not posted on the website (well, not yet anyway). I've made some changes, but it was inspired by one of the spells in the Wiccan Spell a Day book by Serona Knight.

Friendship Charm
Use this spell to help heal or strengthen the bonds of friendship with another person. Your supplies for this spell are:

• a yellow candle
• a yellow flower blossom (fresh, not dry)
• a recent photo of you and your friend
• a length of yellow or pink ribbon

Light the candle, and set the photo and flower nearby. Feel the warmth of the flame and remember all the good times you have had with this friend of yours. Smell the fragrance of the flower, and continue with positive thoughts about your friend. Repeat the following lines:

Candle power,
Fresh cut flower,
Grow this friendship,
In this hour.

Tie the ribbon around the photo with a loose bow (no tight knots), and set it on the flower. Continue to watch the flame and add positive thoughts to your relationship. Leave the tied photo on your altar for 7 days, then carry it with you after that (without the ribbon, if you wish).

Spell Stuff
Using the right color in your spellwork can be powerful, and an easy way to increase your success without having to use expensive supplies. A little color info today:

Yellow is used in any spell or ritual that involves improving communication between people, personal confidence, learning and intelligence, concentration and mental focus. This week's spell is a good example of using yellow in magick.

News Around the Web
Now I don't want to just focus on our site. There are always other things going on in the world that you should know about. Here are this week's articles and news stories you should check out:

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Witchvox: White-Washed Witches

Come Follow Us
Aside from this newsletter, there are other ways of keeping up with what's new on spells. We have pages on:

And of course, the main website is Free Witchcraft Spells.


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